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Emergency Response and Rescue Corps

Ambulance Services at Crowd Events

Crowd events require the presence of a medically-equipped and adequate trained personnel on the call in the unlikely event that a medical emergency occurs. The E.R.R.C. provides one or more ambulances together with additional vehicles depending on the need and the terrain. Amongst events that the E.R.R.C. has been commissioned to provide its services are:

  • Horse races events & Motorcycle track;
  • Gozo football matches & Nadur Carnival;
  • State visits by VIPs & Festivals around Gozo;
  • Marathon events & Ghajnsilem Bethlehem;
  • Christmas activities, Weddings & parties;
  • Political meetings, Feasts & Gatherings.

Humanitarian Work

Ever since its inception the E.R.R.C. had humanitarian aid as its prime mission especially in the island of Gozo. During major national emergencies, like fire-works explosion, Covid-19, and whenever called on by the Civil Protection Department, E.R.R.C. volunteers have risen to the occasion and provided assistance. During the still on-going pandemic the E.R.R.C. provided help in the form of:

  • Transportation of symptomatic patients to the Xewkija swabbing centre;
  • Logistically assisting the operations at the Xewkija swabbing centre;
  • Directing and controlling patients at the Xewkija swabbing centre;
  • Use of E.R.R.C. ambulances to transport physically challenged persons;
  • Screening of general public at various locations around Gozo;
  • Assisting the Gozitan Foundation for Social Welfare Services in the transportation and distribution of State Funded Food Supplies.

Education & Awareness Drives

Education and Awareness are high on the E.R.R.C.'s list as regular training session for our volunteers are held to ensure they are up-to-date. Furthermore, numerous awareness events are held for the general public and school children around Gozo during the summer period like SkolaSajf. Information drives include:

  • Basic First-Aid;
  • Fire Awareness;
  • Safety at the beach;
  • Respecting the Environment.

Zip-Lining & ABSEILING

The E.R.R.C. through its Rope Section organises regular events that are either Zip-Line runs from heights or even abseiling from buildings or cliffs around Gozo. This events are sometimes commissioned by local councils or private functions or even held for charity events. Amongst others E.R.R.C. has organised such events at:

  • Schools;
  • Local Councils;
  • Private events;
  • Sanap cliffs;
  • Dwejra.

Clean-Ups on land & under water

ERRC volunteers participate in regular clean-up on land as well as underwater assisting numerous other NGOs around Malta and Gozo. Amongst the locations that clean-ups have been held are:

  • Sanap Cliffs;
  • Dwejra;
  • Comino;
  • Xemxija Bay;
  • Qammiegh;
  • Marsalforn Reef.

First Aid Services

Our front-liners are equipped to the latest European norms employing adequate vehicles and personnel depending on the specific event. E.R.R.C. vehicles are staffed with  EMTs, thus ensuring the best level of pre-hospital care.  Emergency vehicles employed around Malta & Gozo include:

  • Ambulances;
  • Quads;
  • Jetskis;
  • RIBs;
  • Motor-cycles;
  • Emergency cars;
  • Multi-people vans.


The scuba divers assist the water rescue unit during certain events. The dedicated group, is trained by recognized instructors, having an instructor trainer as part of the team.  

Divers are certified by PADI - Professional Association of Diving Instructors.   From time to time the unit undertakes underwater cleanups as part of our commitment towards a sustainable environment.

Ground Search and Rescue (GSAR)

Trained by CIRO - Canadian International Rescue Organisation, the team specialises in Ground Search and Rescue, especially where it comes to search for missing people.  

Using latest tech such as drones, efficient searching and investigative techniques to find the missing person in the shortest time.

WATer-RESCUE & Lifeguarding

From the very start of the organization, water rescue and lifeguarding were a key area of operation.  Nowadays  having a team of dedicated lifeguards, water rescuers and rescue swimmers, means that we can cater  to provide rescue coverage for the many numerous events ranging from pools  to offshore.  All our lifeguards are trained to an EMT level, thus ensuring sound medical knowledge besides the relevant water rescue techniques.  Our team is composed off:

  • Rescue swimmers.
  • Rescue boat operators,
  • Junior lifeguards,
  • Open water lifeguards,
  • Pool lifeguards,

Currently, we have 3 lifeboats in operation.  Every year we do assist around 2000 people.


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preventing and alleviating human suffering

Organization that operates in the humanitarian field. Namely, Ambulance Service, First Aid, Life Guarding and Health and Safety training, Disaster Response, Civil Protection etc.