E.r.r.c services

Humanitarian Work

Ever since its inception the E.R.R.C. had humanitarian aid as its prime mission especially in the island of Gozo. During major national emergencies, like fire-works explosion, Covid-19, and whenever called on by the Civil Protection Department, E.R.R.C. volunteers have risen to the occasion and provided assistance. During the still on-going pandemic the E.R.R.C. provided help in the form of:

  • Transportation of symptomatic patients to the Xewkija swabbing centre;
  • Logistically assisting the operations at the Xewkija swabbing centre;
  • Directing and controlling patients at the Xewkija swabbing centre;
  • Use of E.R.R.C. ambulances to transport physically challenged persons;
  • Screening of general public at various locations around Gozo;
  • Assisting the Gozitan Foundation for Social Welfare Services in the transportation and distribution of State Funded Food Supplies.

other services

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